Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year!

A whole year had passed by and a new fresh one is already here! so many things happened, some good, and some not that good. Any resolutions? I'm not the kind of person who thinks about it that way. All I want is happiness and good health for my family. On the personal side, I just wish to be a better person, and avoid mistakes from the past. It is true that we learn a lot from our mistakes, and I did learn quite a lot from last year's ( I hope). Any wishes for this new year? hmmm.......for now may be a house with plenty of sunlight so I can take nicer pictures and a new camera lens........too much to ask for may be??!!

2008 was a year full of cakes, cookies, tasty pastries (and a lot of non tasty ones!). Since I've been addicted to flickr, I baked and baked ......and baked a lot! I found a good excuse to go, grab the mixer and bake something. And if baking alone wasn't enough for me, taking pictures has become an essential part of the whole process.

Happy New Year!

To start the year, I made a mousse cake. It has a layer of almond dacquoise, a light orange mousse, strawberries and a glaze made with raspberries and strawberries. It is a delicious cake, very light and refreshing. I think it is best for summer days, but in my family, we sure wouldn't mind enjoying it any time of the year.
The recipe is from "Here". I know.. it is a French site (sorry non French speaker!) I'll post the recipe some other time. I made some changes in the recipe though, I used oranges in the mousse instead of the grapefruit (I wish I had grapefruit on hand because I love the flavor of this fruit). The oranges worked well with the berries and the cake had a nice citrus flavor.

Berry Orange Mousse Cake

Voila, first post of the year, first cake of the year . I wish everyone a very happy new year, full of joy and good health.


  1. wow this looks great apart from looking delicious. Happy new year to you too.

  2. Thank you Snooky doodle! I hope you'll have a great year!

  3. Your creations are amazing! Just amazing!

  4. Medena: thank you for your visit and lovely comments!!!

  5. This looks amazing!! I'm speechless!
    Any chance you could post the recipe in English?