Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Make a wish...

Red Velvet Cakes

This post is a bit different because it has no recipe. I am indeed using this post as a detox, a confession, something that I want to talk about and found nobody to listen but that screen and typing board and of course you! It started when I was looking at some food blogs that I always liked and admired and still do. The kind of sites full of amazing pictures, stories and wonderful recipes. They catch your eyes with their beautifully captured and meticulously arranged images. The blogger tells Beautiful stories that are simple yet they keep you stuck to the screen until the end. Some of the amazing ones get even the privilege to be nominated for different awards, like the one organized by Saveur Magazine lately.  I so envy everyone who is nominated and wish them the best of luck because some of these blogs are just gorgeous, and deserve the best awards!

when I started this blog, I wanted to create something sophisticated, original and most importantly, I wanted to establish a reference. what I ended up with?? just "a blog". My heart aches every time I think about it. I am around here once every one or two months. I am a perfectionist, and due to lack of time and never ending family demands, I find my self very limited and having only two choices : either do nothing, or just do whatever! snap a pic before one of the kids wants his afternoon snack, or needs help with homework, then the husband asks about lunch or dinner while your head is thinking about that mousse cake topped with a glossy fruit jelly,a chocolate decoration using the transfer sheet I was so excited to buy from Sur La Table (my heaven!) and never got the chance to use yet, and wait the cake should stay in the fridge overnight......ahh!! will I have time tomorrow to...even remember the existence of that cake?!!


At the end I have to say that because of you, followers, that this blog is surviving. It is through your sweet comments and encouragement that I get the strength to come back and post again, even once in a trimester. I want to tell everyone who appreciates my very little work, Thank you!!!.I, on my side, still have hope to make this blog a perfect day :)


  1. JUST a blog??? It's a brilliant, beautiful blog. I found it by searching after I saw you on flickr. Please don't stop!

  2. Thank you Fruitful Fusion for passing by and for the sweet comment. Don't worry I'm going no where :)
    I love your blog BTW !

  3. Hey we all love you and love your bakings
    and we miss you Khadidja...

  4. Thank you Arlette!! You are so sweet!I am always happy to hear from you :)

  5. i love your blog! i hope to see more pictures and some added recipes too! =D

  6. Hey...

    Do you know that you have such a beautiful blog there?!?!

    It sort of puzzled me why you keep the place clean and almost stagnant everytime I drop by, but now that I know the reason why, I find that we have so much in common. Just that, I can never produce something half as good you have here. So all in all, I'd like to give you this credit you deserve. Your blog is kept a truly pretty and honest place.

    It's ok, it's hard to follow one's expectations. Just keep blogging. ;)

  7. Oooh! Thank you for your sweet words! I am flattered :)

  8. Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging--especially when you have kids! Your blog is beautiful, and you are obviously very talented....

  9. Keep at it. I just ate a Dziriattes at a market in Montreal. Looked it up online and it took me to your blog. 'Plunged in orange blossom syrup!' ... and whattya know... I've found two delicious things in one day! Your blog and the Dziriatte! How rare is that! A diamond in the rough!